Hey Buffalo Breath

Do you have one of those things from your early childhood that has remained firmly planted in your psyche, but no one else seems to have held onto? I sure as shit do. It’s called “Out of This World”. Come on! You remember Evie, and her charismatic mother, Donna? Please, tell me you remember this show!

A show permanently etched into my subconscious.

“Out of This World” was on the air from 1987 until 1991, according to the IMDB page. A four year run isn’t that bad for a show, particularly from that period, right? I’m also guessing the show had syndicated reruns. The show stars Maureen Flanigan as Evie, a half-human, half-alien adolescent just trying to live as a normal teenager and get through pubescence with some dignity intact. Also, she has some pretty awesome powers like the ability to freeze time, and teleport. She can also “gleep” things into existence with some strenuous blinking. The show always presented bizarre and comical scenarios, quirky over-the-top characters, and totally gnarly 80’s style. The hair-do’s alone are worth checking it out for.   So why, you might ask, would a silly sitcom from my early childhood still remain so well integrated into my mind? I DON’T FUCKING KNOW! But it is. At least once a day I find myself singing “Hey Buffalo Breath, is that what they call you?”  Watch the following clip if you’d like to know to what this refers:

I rarely meet anyone who remembers “Out of This World”. The most I’ve ever gotten is tame acknowledgment and mild confirmation. “Oh, yeaaaah….” This show somehow shaped my childhood and no one else seems to give two shits?! Matilda humors me, but does not seem to ever have been truly moved by the show. Maybe it’s a generational thing, or perhaps I’m just now discovering the oddity that is memory.

I’m not saying by any means that there was something spectacular or unique about “Out of This World”, but it was cute and for whatever reason it was highly entertaining for a 4 year girl. What I really don’t understand is why this show, more than any other from that period in my life,  has taken precedence in my powers of recollection. Sure, I remember Fraggle Rock, but only vaguely. I couldn’t sing the theme for you or remember any specific plots. I remember SOOOO MUCH from “Out of This World”. I remember multiple plot points from episodes and even dialogue. And that fucking buffalo breath song!!! What else could explain my lifelong and pervasive love for all things Burt Reynolds, besides the fact that he’s the voice of the alien absentee father, Troy Garland, who was always channeled through the odd sugar cube pyramid thing?

Donna, Evie, and Burt, errr, I mean Troy.

I can’t explain why “Out of This World” has stuck with me so strongly for so long, but I’ve come to accept that it’s something I have to appreciate by myself and remember it as I saw it as that tiny girl. Watching clips on YouTube does not bring that back. Instead, I find myself cringing and the creeping feeling that what I’m watching is, actually, pretty shitty entertainment. But, oh, how I remember it! Magical! Whimsical! Hilarious! The colors! The zany characters! The anticipation every time Evie brought her forefingers together… Hilarious mayhem was about to ensue!! This show is something I can’t experience again, and it’s not something I will really be able to share with my children. Any attempts would be a sad display of sitting them down in front of a screen for scratchy, blurred clips from a lost generation. I can already picture it. “Their hair looks like french fries.” and “This is the dumbest thing ever.” No! It was wonderful! Damn you, sands of time!

If you have a similar cross to bear, I’d like to hear about it. What cultural anomaly had a notable impact on you, but has faded with the likes of acid-wash jeans and hair kinks?  If only I were Evie, I would gleep those things back for you, and we could have a marathon in our Winnie the Pooh pajamas sitting on the shag carpet!


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9 responses to “Hey Buffalo Breath

  1. Matilda

    You have a life-long, pervasive love for Burt Reynolds?

    I’m reeling. The “Out of This World” stuff I can understand. But a love of Burt Reynolds is too far!

    I was, ahem, older when I watched “Out of This World” so I already knew that it was a bad show. I was raised on “The Cosby Show”- I knew what quality T.V. was. But it was entertaining, yes. And I wanted to be as cool as Evie, and have straigt hair like hers. (Neither of those wishes ever came true.)

    I had a similar experience when I rented “The Last Unicorn” from the library a few weeks ago to watch with the kids. I remember that being on a continuous loop on our house- the mysterious tale of the beautiful last unicorn on the planet and the magical creatures that make up her world. Um, no. Upon rewatching, It was simultaneously the creepiest and most boring thing I’ve ever seen. Let’s not even discuss the animation! My kids were begging me to turn it off within minutes, and TV is a rare and special treat.

  2. Faraz Nomani

    wow! i used to love that show.. was pretty young when it was aired.. recently it just poped up in my head and so i’m watching the entire thing on youtube!!!

    • I think “Out of this World” was part of a secret subliminal message government experiment. Why else would it be popping up in our minds after so long, eh? Prove it’s NOT true! 🙂

  3. Just wanted to let you know that i came across this post while looking for proof for my husband and 4yomthat the ditty i was singing wasn’t something i made up. Thank you for providing the clip that proves i’m not nuts. Or at least not in the way they thought 🙂 Loved this show as a kid. There was always a part of me that believed if i wished hard enough and pushed my fingers together, time would stop at my command.

    • Sorry I’m five years late, Arielle, but in my efforts to create my own facsimile of Evie’s time stopping capabilities I must have gotten something terribly wrong. I froze myself instead! I have only just emerged into consciousness, covered in dust (some cheeto, some regular) and I can’t get this “Let it Go” song out of my head. What happened? Did Obama win a third term as we’d all secretly planned? Why does everyone look so worn out and exhausted? Are we all driving electric cars yet? You know what, I’ll just check yahoo news real quick….Oh….Oh my god….No…..NO…..NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      On second thought, I’m going back to the Frozen place. See you in another 5!

  4. Stephanie

    I just found this site because I had the buffalo breath thing in my head, and I couldn’t remember where it was from. I loved this show, and dammit, I still want to have Evie’s powers.

  5. Lisa

    I literally sing this once a week +!!! I was certainly I was the only one to remember not only this show, but this episodes song…. HA!

    Good times.

    • You are not alone! Everyone who comments that they remember this show and song is validation to me that it wasn’t some childhood fever dream. So thank you!

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