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Holy Guacamole!!!!

Buenos dias a la cucina de Carlita!! Ok, my Spanish is severely limited and pitiful for a girl who grew up in California, but I still have a deep and pervasive love of Spanish, and especially Mexican, cuisine. At least once a week I have burrito night and it’s just about the most extensive I get when it comes to cooking. But I’m getting better!

Bout to mash these suckers!

Avocado means testicle. Just thought you’d like to know.

One thing I definitely love to make is delicious homemade guacamole. The recipe I use is hardly the most elaborate or unique, but it’s easy and delicious and I love it!

What You’ll Need:

The supplies.

  • 2 medium sized avocados
  • Quarter onion, all diced up nice like
  • A small tuft of cilantro, finely chopped
  • Hot sauce
  •  Fresh garlic clove (or garlic powder)
  • Tbsp. Lime juice
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Optional tomato

Split in two!



Step One: Take those avos and cut them in half. If you have never dealt with avocados before, you should note there is a giant, hard seed inside each one, so you have to cut around this and then pull the halves apart. To remove the seed, I thwack my knife into it and then holding the avocado skin, rotate the knife. The sucker will come right out. The hardest part is then getting the seed off the knife. Knock it against the table a few times. Don’t blame me if your dull your knife in the process, though!

Now, spoon the insides of those 4 avocado halves into a big bowl, like in figure 3. Mash them up with a fork.


Figure 3. Mashing the avos.

Step Two: Pour in tablespoon of lime juice. You can use fresh lime, which I normally use, but good old bottled lime juice will work, too. If you use fresh lime, cut it into quarters and squeeze that yumminess into the mix.

Step Three: Onion!! Chop that thing up like it’s nobody’s business. I like the pieces to be very small (finely diced might be the fancy schmancy term).

ON-YON! (Say it like that, it’s fun.)

Slide that into your avo mush.


Step Four: Cilantro. This is how much I used. It is not exact science here. Wash the cilantro thoroughly, then strip the leaves off the stems. This part is kind of annoying, but you get the hang of it. It should look like this.

Separated from the stems and ready to get chopped!

Now dice that greenery up! It’s fun. Dangerous, but fun.

Dice, dice, dice!


Step Five: Pour in a a good couple pinches garlic powder. You can chop up a fresh clove, which would be more delicious, but I forgot to do so and just used the powder. I still think it’s yummy. Notice I even have a clove of garlic out for the first picture. Pregnancy brain strikes again.

Shameless substitute. I’d go for the real stuff.

Step Six: Add 8-10 drops of hot sauce into the mix. This really depends on your taste. I love spicy, bold flavors, so I load that shit on. But, it’s fine to show some restraint.

Step Seven: Add salt and pepper to taste. BONUS TIP: Taste your guacamole at this point. Does it taste too acidic? If so, add a little bit of sugar. This will counter the acidity nicely. Normally, I don’t really measure the ingredients. I just pour them in willy-nilly and take numerous sample tastes throughout the cooking process. By the end, there’s only half what I started with and I’ve compensated and counter measured multiple times. WHAT?! I never claimed to be Julia Child!


Step Eight: Stir it up!!!! Here, you can also chop up that tomato, taking out the gushy seed parts and then putting it in. I really can’t stand tomato, so I skip this step. But it does add some nice color.

Step Nine: Make it look fancy!


The finished product! Delectable!!

I added paprika to give it some color.

Step Ten: ENJOY!! Can you believe how drawn out I was able to make this whole process?

Let me know what you think of this recipe, my presentation, my amazing photography, or whatever else is on your mind! Also, don’t forget to follow our blog so that you can keep up with each of our exciting installments!!




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Technical Difficulties….

Where’s Pippi Longstocking when you need her?

Well, I was gearing up to try and figure out how to throw together a delightfully entertaining food related post in keeping with our themes, when our dishwasher began spewing suds across the kitchen floor a la creature from the deep. Or perhaps the Blob. Instead of staging the perfect food photos in my apple dappled apron, I was stuck mopping and sopping up the endless suds eking out of the dish machine. Any clue as to what could cause this?

The event was reminiscent of a time when I was around 7 or 8. My grandparents were watching my sister and I while our parents were off globetrotting. The day began with us witnessing our dog get hit by a truck in front of the school bus. I grabbed her limp form and held her as she breathed her last. The bus driver was awkwardly perched at the edge of our drive, witnessing the tragic scene. Perhaps we should have waved her on. Instead, my grandparents shuffled us onto the bus, tears streaming down our reddened cheeks.  Later in the day, the dishwasher began spewing clouds of suds onto the wood floor and around the kitchen island. Grandma had used dish-washing fluid in the newfangled contraption instead of dish washer fluid, as is made specifically for the device. That was the last time I have seen such a comedic kitchen spectacle. I assure you, I did not confuse my fluids, and yet, the cause of this disturbing occurrence is a complete mystery to me.

When I had finally cleared the soap and water from the floor I set on my way to continue with creating my culinary content. Alas! I was thwarted. My camera battery is completely dead, no charger to be found, and my phone is going through it’s dramatic death throes and will no longer take pictures (its last image is the above, perhaps the sight of the soap emotionally overwhelmed my poor camera phone?). So, I figure there’s no use posting my delightful guacamole recipe with out showing you pictures of it. Fear not, brave reader, the time will soon come!

So for today, no recipe. Now, I’m off to don my scrubber shoes and slide across the parquet with Pippi!

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