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Eshakti.com review update: The dresses are here! The dresses are here!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my first order with Eshakti.com , an online women’s clothing retailer. You should read it in full, but just in case, here’s the recap:

1. Eshakti.com sells customizable dresses
2. Many of them come in… statement colors. Take this one:

I call this “Old Highlighter From the Bottom of my Backpack” yellow

3. Others have lovely vintage-like patterns and styles
4. The sizing may be a little wack. I took a gamble and ordered a smaller size. Um, no, the decision wasn’t based on vanity. How DARE you insinuate such a thing?
5. I thought I ordered two, but wasn’t sure because…
6. I didn’t hear from Eshakti.com for several days
7. I finally received a customer email that appeared to be written by a cross between Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte
8. The gist of the email was that since my shipment was late, I would receive an unspecified discount
9. Questions remained- Will the dresses ever arrive? Were they made at the Wonka factory? What will happen next?

Eshakti, is that you?

Well, folks, the dresses did arrive. But not before being held up in international customs in Chennai, India, and brief sojourns in Bangalore, Leipzig, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

Finally, a little less than a month after I originally placed my order- a joyful noise on my doorstep! Hark, hark, the dispatched package has come hence!

Let’s start with the “Birds who gossip dress”, which retails for $69.95. (I got it for less. Read the original post.) The dress is polyester but does not have the cheap and shiny look of a….cheap polyester dress. It is well constructed and surprisingly soft and comfortable. The seams are evenly finished and strong. Most importantly, there are pockets! Unadvertised pockets! Talk about a delightful surprise! It could have also come with a unicorn and I would have been more excited about the pockets.

Yes, that’s a Buzz Lightyear sticker by my foot

The size six fits well, although it is mere millimeters from being too tight around my ribs. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’ve recently stopped running. Although I had customized the length to fit my height (5’7”), the length is a little longer than the described knee length. I guess we could always give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that I’m shrinking. My least favorite thing about the dress is the neckline, a deep v-cut. What looks nice and feminine on the flat-chested non-human dress-form pictured on the website is A LOT OF BOOB in real life. It doesn’t look like it in the picture, but trust me, the buffet is on display, as my breastfeeding infant might say. I decided to keep it because it’s something different than every other dress in my closet, and a tank-top and a cardigan will make it work appropriate.

Another view of my heaving bosom

Finally, for the “Ranunculus” dress. (Not to be confused with the Redonkulous dress.) This was one was a hit, at $69.95 retail. It’s 100% cotton, with lovely embroidery and quality fabric, although it is not as soft as the polyester. It fits looser than the first dress, as this one has room for a few extra Pretzel M&Ms, and is a good inch plus longer than knee length. (I’m 5’7” darn it!) To quote my mother, it is not as “Booby Ruby” as the “Birds who gossip” dress. AND THERE ARE POCKETS!

Bonus points if you spot the baby in the background!

A few days after my shipment arrived, I received an email with a $10 gift certificate towards my next order, plus a receipt for $5 taken off of this order due to the slow shipping. In general, I’m impressed. Sorry for making fun of your emails, Eshakti.com! I was just joshing ya! I’ve spent way more at other retailers and never received unrequested delay discounts, even from places whose shipping takes forever (I’m looking at you, J Crew). These dresses are also conversation starters in a way that something from the Gap or J Crew will never be. I may order again, if I ever give up on that whole “I’m never going to shop online again because my clothes are full of holes” thing.

What do you think? Cute or scary? Pockets!

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